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Caseware Malta – to help our customers work more effectively

At Caseware Malta, our mission is to help Maltese accounting firms and practitioners, corporate clients as well as those involved in public administration work more effectively, gain deeper insights and see further along the road that leads to change for the better. We succeed by advancing their success. And we help them drive transformation by designing technology that reflects our deep understanding of what they hope to achieve.
Our staff have the auditing, accounting and computing experience necessary for the effective development and support of your use of Caseware products. As part of our suite of customer care services, we also provide consulting, training and support in the products we offer.

Our People Make Us Great

Building software is a team pursuit and our success hinges on our people. For those who choose this adventure with us, we commit to experiences that are inclusive and the freedom to be incredible.

Bias to Action

We embrace ambiguity, focus on problem solving and build as soon as we have enough to get started. We prioritize what’s important, and as leaders in this space, we keep the industry moving forward.

Push the Boundaries

As innovators we dive into the unknown to explore, discover, invent and deliver on the unforeseen needs of our customers. We wake up every day to challenge the status quo, take risks, and build for the long term.

Driven by Customer Success

We build products that don’t just meet our customers expectations, they exceed it. We walk in their shoes to understand what success and delight looks like, and we go the extra mile to create it for them.

The impact we make

We bring a customer centric mindset to everything we do, and go out of your way to learn about our users, understand their pain points, and explore ways to solve their challenges. We understand the trust they place in us, and ensure reliability and quality when solving.

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